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emma and lou

Meet Emma and Lou

We are Emma and Lou – we originally met at work in September 2001 and found ourselves thrown together running a corporate hospitality trip to Istanbul ... at a time of extreme unrest and uncertainty! Thrown in at the deep end, with nervous guests and an array of last-minute changes, we somehow managed to turn it into a successful and very memorable event – it still has us giggling today! We won't go into all the details but will maybe tell you about it one day!

Since then our professional, (and unprofessional), lives have crossed paths many times and we always seem to end up on the same team!

Safe to say, over the years we have worked incredibly hard together, travelled to far and wide places, created the most incredible events and parties, got in and out of a few scrapes, and between us had our fair share of life's ups and downs! But we have always come out the other side, have maintained a professional working relationship .... and a great friendship!

These days we both lead more sedate lives – however we've found ourselves into our forties with a focus on health & well-being, a bit of spare time and a shared passion for organic food and produce.

Over recent years, with personal health matters and the strange times of covid and national lockdowns, it became ever more obvious that health and nutrition is vital to living a good life. Emma spent most of lockdown developing a completely organic vegetable garden. The enjoyment of this and progressive change in diet was enlightening! Once you grow and eat organic ingredients, you begin to resent the fruit and vegetables available in the supermarket.

During our quest to research, source and supply the very best organic products, Emma has been braving very early, cold Manchester mornings working at Smithfield Market! We've partnered up with the best Organic Wholesalers and have been blown away by their amazing produce!

The next chapter starts here ... we are looking forward to hopefully another 20+ years of success, fun and friendship.

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